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Interspecies Communication with Whales

Interspecies empowers artists to re-invent the human relationship with animals, with the goal of healing our own species' emotional, spiritual, and cultural ties with nature. Our best known work brings musicians from around the world together with wild whales and dolphins, to explore the potential for interspecies communication. We are not 501c3, and do not seek donations. Here's a more detailed page about what we do.


Interspecies Communication existed as a functioning US 501(c)(3) nonprofit for thirty five years. It was founded and directed by Jim Nollman with the support of foundations, individuals, and governmental organizations. In 2013 the board of directors decided that the nonprofit status and the organizational framework was no longer relevent, since all the principals were eyeing retirement. This website now serves as a legacy of Nollman's work as an artist for nature.

Let's start by listening to this truly great song you won't hear anywhere else. And after that, help make it number one in the land!

newCD alert. Jim Nollman has just released a CD of deconstructed traditional music, which will soon be available everywhere you buy music. Just do a search on "Nollman". It's not your average collection of fiddle tunes. For a taste, here's his version of Thomas Payne's favorite hornpipe, Rights of Man, performed on mandolin, piano, beluga whale and French sweetheart.

newHave you seen the film, The Cove? Read this story about Interspecies first field project, to stop a dolphin drive fishery in Japan.


Here's a song about dying with Dignity

Interspecies Art

Browse this site awhile, and you are bound to notice that every page features original art. Some of the images are wavelet graphs representing actual animal calls, and created by Mark Fischer who has been working with Interspecies for several years. Other images are by Interspecies' founder, Jim Nollman who sells his "animal portraits" in various galleries. A third category is imagery by many different artists which has appeared in 30 years of the Interspecies newsletter. Here's just a peek of the art on this site:

Browse our library...

Our musical instrument scrapbook features photos of guitars, drums, mandolins, and technology used in our work over the past 30 years.

Listen to this musical interaction between a guitarist and orcas, recorded off Vancouver Island in 2002.

This website features many recordings of whales interacting with musicians on the ocean. This example, produced in 1979, showcases a blues guitar and an orca. This one, from 2001, showcases jazz and 300 dolphins.

  • Is it really possible to communicate with whales? How would YOU go about it? We've been researching these questions on the ocean for thirty years. Read this multi-part essay to learn what we've discovered about whale communication.
  • Take a listen to some new songs from our Jukebox. Or listen to this digital music created entirely from animal call samples.
  • And finally, can we all agree to stop calling Physeter macrocephalus by the insulting name of "sperm" whale? Read this editorial to find out why. The Interspecies cachalot project documents a whale's version of a drumming circle.
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