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I operate a small recording studio on San Juan Island WA, focused on music production, with an emphasis on producing locals, as well as musicians from around the world who wish to add natural sounds to their music. Starting in 2007, I have been slowly producing my own songs, which feature ambient sounds, plus my own mandolin playing. I have no immediate plans to release this music, only because I wouldn't know how to market it myself.

— Jim Nollman

At The Mall gives a good sense of my environmental politics, plus my digital production values. It shows a debt to "I am a Walrus". A Godin electro-acoustic mandolin holds down the rhythm.

Last Days features a 75 year old Kay 2-point mandolin and my electric guitar, both modulated through Guitar Rig software. Bass by Cecil DeMeerleer. The lyric is inspired by the death with dignity therapy of Jack Kevorkian. The song features a wolf howling in realtime interaction with a Shakuhachi flute. Wouldn't you think that wolves would prefer a world in which humans allowed themselves to die when they choose to? This song deserves a larger audience.

Live for Today was co-written by me (the verses) in collaboration with Friday Harbor musician Steve Keys. Beats by Janus Kober, which includes the ambient reggae rhythm of a Friday Harbor ferryboat.

Ring the Bell was composed in by pianist Ned Rosen with my lyrics. It was produced as an instrumental in 1992 by Richard Shoenherz. I added the vocal track in 2007. Oboe was performed by jazz musician, Paul McCandless.

Louis Collins was first recorded by Mississippi John Hurt. This version makes use of harmonica, sampled beats, and the vocals of songstress Chinmayo.

Two songs of mine produced in 1992 by Richard Schoenherz, now of Frankfurt Germany.

    • I Live I Die expresses the fantasies that spring from loneliness.
    • Mother Blues is an anthem for animals who must raise their young in a world overpopulated by humans.

The Salish Sea describes the sounds, sights, and smells of this Pacific Northwest Island island that I call home. The mandolin solo is done on a Eastman F-style, modulated with Guitar Rig software.

The Sign of Love takes part of its lyric from the book of the Tao. I especially like this production that flirts at the edges of dissonance.

Your Biggest Fan is a new tune about love shattered, although mutual respect remains whole. Too bad it can't always be this healthy.

all songs © Jim Nollman, except: Ring The Bell © Jim Nollman and Ned Rosen, Live For Today © Jim Nollman and Steve Keys.

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