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Dying with Dignity

Dedicated to Jack Kevorkian...

revbordn as hummingbird

You told me I’m never gonna walk again, so where’s the gain.
I’m a prisoner living in a cage inside my brain
It might take as long as a year or two
Before my body finally goes
Doc, prescribe some medicine
No one else ever has to know

It’s a full time job just keeping down all the pills
No job I’ve ever known is going to pay your bill
Don’t lecture me life’s worth living
It sounds meaningless to me
Doc, prescribe some medicine
And you will set me free

These days my body’s numb and all strung out on meds
Hooked up to this humming machine parked beside my bed
What makes so much more sense to me
Is to go out clear of mind
Doc, prescribe some medicine
Before I lose my mind.

Who can say for certain what awaits us after this
Some assure me we return, other’s pray for heaven’s bliss
I’ve never told anyone how to live their life
Don’t tell me how to end mine
Doc, won’t you please prescribe some medicine
And I won’t take any more of your time



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